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Don't you love giveaways? As a member, you can typically download more than 100 gifts from a site for free. As a contributor, the pulling power of such events attracts hundreds of subscribers to opt in your list for your gift! This is a powerful win-win situation you cannot afford to ignore the moment it is announced. OK, these are the latest giveaways:

Members Download
Contributors Upload

Belief Equals Possibility Giveaway

Divinely Connected Biz JV Giveaway: Ends on April 23rd.

Power Of Thanks Giveaway: Ends on April 20th.

Living In Abundance Giveaway: Ends on May 4th.

Divinely Connected Biz JV Giveaway: Starts on March 26th.

Power Of Thanks Giveaway: Starts on April 6th.

Living In Abundance Giveaway: Starts on April 20th.

How to keep track of the latest giveaways in real time.

New giveaways are launched just about every week, but I would be flooding your inbox if I keep notifying you in every e-mail. Fortunately, I found a way whereby you give yourself consent to be automatically updated in your inbox everytime I update the giveaway list above.

Here's how it works:

1) Go to Change Detection.

2) Under the "monitor a page" section, fill in for "Page Address" and your e-mail address for "Send alert to". Click "Next" to go to the next page.

3) There are a number of options here, but I only have 3 radio buttons checked:

Send alert up to once per: day
only send alert if text: added
page content is: suitable for most

I leave all square boxes blank.

Entering a password logs you into your existing account or create one if you visit Change Detection for the first time.

4) You're done! You can revisit your options under "account settings" inside your account, monitor a new page under "monitor a page" or review all monitored pages under "all monitors" where you can also delete monitored pages if you want to stop. You can even close your account.

5) Next time if I update a new giveaway on this page, Change Detection will send you a mail.

The screenshot above shows what you can expect for the subject matter. Due to the mail's automated nature, you must whitelist, otherwise it will land in your spam folder.

E-mail me at if you need help, but please be patient and you should see your first notification in 2 weeks' time if not 1 week (I don't mean the notification is that slow. I mean that hopefully a new giveaway will happen soon after you create your account, I update my page and you get notified pronto!). Thanks!

How to build your list in record time.

Push Button Giveaways 2.0

Now you can be adding up to 3,000 new subscribers to your mailing list in a week!

We all know that list building is important, but do you find it hard?

Have you found that it isn't as easy as the salesletters or squeeze pages make out, and become frustrated? I know I have.

But the good news is, every so often something stands out from the crowd. That's why I'm happy to tell you about a new site I've discovered!

At last here's something that does exactly what it says on the squeeze page! In fact I've been inside the member's area and it does a LOT more.

Push Button Giveaways 2.0 has everything you need to effectively build your list by joining JV Giveaways. It stores your gifts, text adverts, and special offers. It lets you join Giveaways with a few clicks of you mouse and then setup all your gifts etc with a few more clicks. It creates e-mails, a blog widget and web page for you and it then tracks all your results!

If you're looking to save time and effort, but still build your list then you have to join this site right now!


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